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With solid research on local Camberwell market insights and top-notch knowledge of each unique suburb, we’re here to shed some light and help simplify your decision-making process by guiding you through quality real estate agents like Marshall White Boroondara and Woodards.

In this guide, we’ve put together vital tips on how to pick an agent and why using their services could be beneficial for you. Let’s dive into the world of real estate in Hoppers Crossing – your ideal home is just around the corner.

Key Takeaways

  • Camberwell has many good real estate agents. Top ones are Marshall White Boroondara, Jellis Craig Balwyn and Woodards Camberwell.
  • These agencies sell homes well. Marshall White Boroondara sold 72 properties recently, and Jellis Craig Balwyn moved 57 properties.
  • The average fee for selling a house in Camberwell is around 1.95%. This money covers costs like putting up ads about your home sale.
  • You get lots of help when you use these services! For example, Woodards does property checks before sales to make sure prices are fair.

Overview of Real Estate Agencies in Camberwell

In the heart of Camberwell, we house a diverse range of acclaimed real estate agencies. Marshall White Boroondara holds an impressive track record with 72 properties sold and stands as one of many options for your property needs.

Jellis Craig Balwyn takes second spot, boasting sales on 57 properties alongside a versatile portfolio for sale and rent. Woodards Camberwell, established in 1921, blends tradition with innovation to deliver exceptional services in property sales, management and marketing with outstanding property managers.

With these reliable agencies leading the pack among the bustling real estate scene in Camberwell, you’re sure to find an agency that fits your specific requirements perfectly.

Marshall White Boroondara

Marshall White Boroondara is a top agency in Camberwell. You can find them at Level 1, 801 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122. They have a strong track record with 72 properties sold so far.

If you are looking to buy, they currently have 15 properties for sale. For renters, there are also 2 places ready for move-in. We’re sure you’ll enjoy working with Marshall White Boroondara.

Jellis Craig & Company Pty Ltd

Jellis Craig & Company Pty Ltd is a top real estate agency in Camberwell. They assist with buying, selling, and renting properties from Camberwell office. This firm has expertise in the areas of Hawthorn, Balwyn, and Glen Iris.

In total, they have sold 30 properties.

There’s another branch called Jellis Craig Balwyn. It sits at 4/248 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122. This branch has more sales under its belt with a total recent sale 57 properties. Plus it also offers eight homes for sale and six rentals.

Both branches stand ready to help clients find their ideal property or buyer in Camberwell.

Woodards Camberwell

Woodards Camberwell has a rich story that began in 1921. Now, they have 20 offices all over Melbourne and Macedon Ranges. One of them is right here in Camberwell! The leading real estate agency helps with expert advice and property appraisals to assist clients make smart choices.

Their expertise at managing rental properties are exemplary! Their real estate agent went above and beyond to ensure every detail of the entire process of property transaction was handled with utmost care and expertise. You will find their coverage in many suburbs! These include Camberwell, Ashburton, Balwyn, Glen Iris, Hawthorn and Kew. Their long history and wide reach show their strong hold on the real estate market.

Why Choose a Camberwell Real Estate Agent?

Enlisting a real estate agents and property managers in camberwell grants you access to unrivalled local market insights and unique, specialized knowledge of all the suburbs within this region.

Local Market Insights

We know the camberwell property market well. We sell many homes here. In fact, Marshall White Boroondara sold 72 properties recently. Jellis Craig Balwyn sold 57 properties. Other agencies like Woodards Camberwell and Shelter Real Estate also made sales.

We pick up on trends fast because we work in every east-west of the area regularly. This helps us give you good advice about buying or selling your home with great price and positive experience.

Our dependable real estate team exceeded our expectations throughout the entire process, dedicated to help you achieve your property goals effortlessly.

Specialist Suburbs Knowledge

We know these eastern suburbs of Melbourne well. We live here and work here. We understand what makes it special. With years of experience in the local market, we can guide buyers to the right areas. For sellers, we know how to show off your property’s best features. The guidance from our real estate advisor is invaluable.

Our team is aware of every little corner throughout camberwell, from Burke Road shops to Rivoli Cinema and even the Sunday Market hot spots. This knowledge is not just about facts and figures but also understanding the lifestyle that appeals to people moving into our suburb.

Understanding the Cost of Real Estate Services in Camberwell

Selling a house in Camberwell comes with some costs. The average fee for this is around 1.95%. This means if we sell your home for $500,000, you could pay up to $9,750 to your real estate agent.

These fees cover all the work done to find a buyer for your house. We also take care of talks about price and signing the contract papers.

Your money pays for lots more than just selling though! Some of it goes to making sure people know your house is on sale. Ads in newspapers, online sites and large boards outside homes are ways we let people know what’s available.

But don’t worry – there’s help along every step of the path! At Woodards agency here in Camberwell, we ensure property checks before you decide to sell or buy any place. This gives you clear facts about how much you can ask when selling your place or tell if a seller’s asking too much!

In total, there are around 150 real estate agents in our area of Camberwell alone who have sold over 741 properties last year! Not one property is like another so each sale was unique with its own story and challenges.

Every cent spent on real estate services goes back into getting buyers excited about buying and making sure sellers get their deal done quick!


Camberwell, a town established in the 1880s, now a perfect blend of delight, calm and elegance. It combines its rich history with the vibrant energy of Melbourne seamlessly.

These surrounding suburbs only 9 km east of Melbourne’s bustling downtown, nestled within the City of Boroondara. It’s a place that attract eager buyers from near and far, a central business district in Melbourne’s real estate scene.


Some of the top agents are Kay & Burton Boroondara, Belle Property Balwyn, Fletchers Canterbury and JA CAIN.

These agents handle Victorian and Edwardian period homes, large blocks residential space, dual occupancy homes, townhouses and urban-style apartments in Camberwell.

Yes! Real estate agencies like Marshall White Stonnington provide property management services including rental appraisal and managing properties for rent with professionalism.

You can receive property alerts from the agency’s website or contact agencies directly to get up-to-date information about latest properties listings or recently sold properties in auction. Browse and check on a regular basis.

Many agencies like Noel Jones offer franchise opportunities as well as careers advice to those interested in a career in Real Estate.

Camberwell offers a great lifestyle with heritage gardens, trendy cafe, tram line, fabulous tree-lined street, notable schools like Camberwell Grammar School and places such as The Banyan Tree for shopping.


Real Estate agents highly recommend to search property nearby suburbs such as hill road,5 oxford street, prospect hill, 1 victor road,kew vic 3101, burwood vic 3125, canterbury vic 3124, 542 burke road,

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You can buy or sell a property on Acheron Avenue, Malvern Road,21 constance street, Burke Road, 14 thomas street, 5a thomas street, Bethela Street, 64 harrison avenue,  Summerhill Road,1667-1669 malvern road, Constance Street, 113 summerhill road, Harrison Avenue, 90 radnor street, 93 middlesex road, and 234 warrigal road for spacious living.

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