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347 Camberwell Road

Located in the heart of Camberwell VIC 3124, 347 Camberwell Road stands as a prominent residential complex that offers an attractive blend of lifestyle and investment opportunities. This establishment hosts a total of 156 units, showcasing a variety of 1 and 2 bedroom configurations tailored to meet the demands of a diverse community. With 45% of residences being owner-occupied and the remainder available for rent, 347 Camberwell Road encapsulates a microcosm of Camberwell’s dynamic property market.

Amidst the vibrancy of Camberwell Road Victoria, the building provides cutting-edge amenities coupled with a touch of modern architectural design, catering to both professionals and small families. Its strategic location, paired with a record of differing capital growth rates, illuminates the intricacies of property ownership in this prestigious Melbourne suburb. As a barometer of the local market, 347 Camberwell Road offers insightful data for both prospective homebuyers and investors, shedding light on average holding times and evolving annual growth.

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Embracing an unwavering commitment to quality living, the edifice stands tall with undeniable residential allure. Inhabitants savour a stable living environment, where the average owner-occupier tenure marks an impressive 6 years and 2 months, leading to a cohesive and stable community.

Key Takeaways

  • 156 residential units offer a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom options on 347 Camberwell Road.
  • A significant proportion of owner-occupiers contribute to a steady residential foundation.
  • Recent sales data from 347 Camberwell Road Camberwell shape the understanding of capital growth trends.
  • The building reflects a dynamic segment of Camberwell Road Victoria’s property market.
  • Proximity to top-notch Melbourne amenities underscores the investment and living appeal of 347 Camberwell Road Melbourne.
  • Annual growth rates as well as holding times present a multi-dimensional view of the property’s performance.

Snapshot of 347 Camberwell Road's Building Profile

Reflecting the dynamic real estate scene at 347 Camberwell Road Australia, a balanced mix of owner-occupiers and renters coexist, resulting in a heterogeneous and vibrant community. Last year’s sales data points to an uptick in property transactions within the facility, signaling its magnetic pull for both buyers and tenants. Significant in the recent sales register, a two-bedroom unit with dual bathrooms and dedicated parking space commanded an impressive $610,000 in November 2023. This sale is a testament to the vitality of the market around 347 Camberwell Rd and punctuates the locale’s growing desirability.

  • Sale of a Two-Bedroom Apartment: $610,000
  • Owner-Occupier vs. Rental Split: Equitable Distribution
  • Building Community: Diverse and Engaged Residents
  • Market Activity Indicator: High Transaction Volume

The thriving residential market encompassing 347 Camberwell Road hints at the broader trends in the Australian property landscape, where connectivity and community living are increasingly valued. Buyers and residents are gravitating towards locations where their investment is matched by lifestyle benefits, merging the concepts of home, comfort, and future-forward living.

Lifestyle Amenities and Conveniences at 347 Camberwell Road Camberwell

The designer appeal and high-end finishes of 347 Camberwell Road Camberwell offer residents an enviable lifestyle complemented by a suite of amenities that encapsulate the essence of modern living. From sophisticated interiors to outdoor spaces designed for engagement and relaxation, this address stands out on Camberwell Road Melbourne as a beacon of comfortable and convenient urban living.

A Modern Living Space with High-Quality Fixtures

Echoing the demands of contemporary lifestyles, the residences at 347 Camberwell Road boast finishes that blend functionality with luxury. Equipped with state-of-the-art Miele appliances, white stone benchtops, and warm timber flooring, every apartment is designed to impress. The spaces are further accentuated with secure intercom systems and entertainers’ balconies, creating a cocoon for residents that celebrates both privacy and social connectivity.

The Convenience of Camberwell Road Melbourne

Amidst the bustle of Camberwell, the complex provides tranquil community facilities that contribute significantly to the lifestyle on offer. The meticulously crafted communal outdoor BBQ alfresco terraces, resident lounge, and an enriching vegetable garden foreground the sense of community, inviting residents to share moments and create memories just outside their private living spaces. These shared amenities promote a balanced lifestyle, supporting the wellbeing of all who call this place home.

Community Facilities for Resident Enjoyment

Set in a prime location, the exclusive 347 Camberwell Road Camberwell complex ensures that convenience is a cornerstone of residence experience. A tram stop immediately accessible at the building’s frontage, the proximity to cherished locales such as Camberwell Junction, the historic Rivoli Theatre, and a variety of dining and retail establishments enhance the attraction of these residences. Nearby parklands offer a slice of nature amidst the urban setting, rounding out the suite of conveniences that make living here a truly premium experience.

  • Convenient access to public transport
  • Close to shopping and entertainment precincts
  • Surrounded by lush parklands and eateries

Understanding the Investment Potential at 347 Camberwell Road Melbourne

Located in the heart of Victoria, 347 Camberwell Road remains a prime target for astute investors seeking opportunities within Melbourne’s burgeoning real estate market. This strategic Melbourne locale boasts a wealth of potential for both capital appreciation and robust rental yields, underpinning its appeal in the competitive property landscape.

Capital Growth of the Property Over the Years

Observing the trajectory of capital growth at 347 Camberwell Road Victoria reveals a nuanced picture that is critical for informed investment. While a typical 2-bedroom apartment in the building has seen a calibrated downturn in annual growth by 0.49% over a span of six years, it illustrates the complex nature of property values and the necessity to delve into individual performance metrics.

Gross Rental Yield of Apartments in the Ebony Complex

The alluring investment facet of 347 Camberwell Road further shines through in its rental yield figures. A recent analysis cites a substantial 6.96% gross rental yield for a representative apartment, a clear testament to the robust demand in the rental market and the complex’s position as a profitable venture.

Apartment Type

Annual Capital Growth

Gross Rental Yield




The steadfast performance of the real estate at Number 5, Camberwell Road 347 Melbourne, amidst fluctuating market conditions, provides a persuasive narrative for potential investors to consider when evaluating their next investment move.

Recent Sales and Market Trends on 347 Camberwell Road Australia

As the Melbourne housing market continues to evolve, 347 Camberwell Road remains a focal point for real estate professionals and potential buyers interested in Camberwell Road Melbourne. A review of recent sales reveals that the market is as dynamic as ever, with properties fetching prices that purely reflect the current demand and vitality of the area.

Price Dynamics of Properties Sold in Recent Months

Understanding the price dynamics at 347 Camberwell Road 347 Melbourne is crucial for those looking to invest or make an informed purchase. An examination of sales over the past year has shown a mix of 1 and 2-bedroom units changing hands, indicating a healthy movement that caters to a variety of living preferences and investment strategies.

Property Turnover and Owner Tenure at 347 Camberwell Road

The turnover rate and duration of residency at this address provide a comprehensive view of the building’s demographic landscape. Interestingly, the equal proportion of residents occupying their homes for short and extended periods signals a unique balance between new homeowners and established members within the community.

Property Size

Units Sold

Average Price







The focus on camberwell road 347 melbourne lends insight into the market’s responsiveness to changes, highlighting the area as a central point for real estate movements in Melbourne.

Demographic Insights and Owner Statistics of 347 Camberwell Road Victoria

Delving into the demographic fabric of 347 Camberwell Road reveals a balanced microcosm reflective of broader urban living trends within Victoria. Ownership data illustrates a significant penchant for stability among residents, edging towards long-term investment and habitation at this esteemed Melbourne address.

Owner Occupier Versus Rental Rates in the Building

The demography at 347 Camberwell Road Victoria is particularly telling of its dual appeal. Almost half of the units, precisely 45%, are occupied by their owners, speaking to the desirability of the location for those seeking a permanent abode. This ownership rate underscores the value residents place on the idyllic Camberwell lifestyle, making it more than just an investment but a home in the fullest sense.

Residential Tenure Span in the Building

The residential tenure at 347 Camberwell Road Victoria paints an interesting narrative of nomadic fluidity juxtaposed with anchored permanence. A detailed examination discloses that equal segments of the population occupy the premises for variable spans, ranging from the freshly relocated to the deeply-rooted long-term inhabitants. This tenure distribution marks the site as a versatile residential haven catering to diverse needs and timeframes.

Tenure Span

Percentage of Residents

Under 3 years


3 to 5 years


5 to 10 years


Over 10 years


The landscape at 347 Camberwell Road Victoria remarkably mirrors the large scale shift towards a flexible yet secure housing market. Its diverse demography and occupancy rates are a testament not only to its high-quality living standards but also to its successful alignment with the dynamic patterns of the modern-day property domain.

Available Home Loan Options for Prospective Buyers at 347 Camberwell Road

Delving into the real estate opportunities at 347 Camberwell Road Camberwell, prospective buyers will discover an array of home loan options, tailored to fit varied financial profiles. With the residential market at this premier 347 Camberwell Road Australia location being highly competitive, understanding the available financing avenues is critical.

A bird’s eye view of 347 Camberwell Road with a range of home loan options displayed in different color-coded boxes. Each box represents a different home loan option with its interest rates, repayment terms, and other relevant details labeled clearly. The image should showcase the building’s exterior and surroundings with the focus on the available loan options.

Financial institutions in Australia offer an extensive selection of loan products, each featuring unique benefits designed to cater to different purchasing capabilities. The table below provides a comparative overview of typical home loan types accessible to potential homeowners.

Type of Home Loan


Suitable for Buyer Type

Fixed Rate Home Loan

Stable interest rate for a predetermined period

Buyers seeking consistent repayment amounts

Variable Rate Home Loan

Interest rate fluctuates with the market

Buyers comfortable with interest rate variability

Interest Only Home Loan

Repayments cover only the interest portion for a set period

Investors looking to minimise initial repayments

Low Deposit Home Loan

Requires a smaller deposit, often less than 20%

First-time buyers with limited savings

Line of Credit

Access to funds up to a certain limit as needed

Buyers looking for flexibility and potential renovations

Lenders are also increasingly offering green home loans with incentivised rates for environmentally sustainable homes, aligning with Australia’s growing eco-conscious trends. Each of these financial solutions provides a pathway towards owning a part of the sought-after 347 Camberwell Road Camberwell precinct.

Whether it is the stability of fixed terms or the potential savings from variable rates, the journey towards purchasing property at 347 Camberwell Road is supported by a diversified financial ecosystem.

It is crucial for buyers to engage with financial advisors or mortgage brokers who are well-versed in the local property market. They can offer invaluable advice on the optimal loan structure, taking into account interest rates, loan terms, and repayment schedules that align with one’s financial goals and the vibrant lifestyle that 347 Camberwell Road offers.

Exploring the Local Area of Camberwell Road 347 Melbourne

Located in the heart of the city’s vibrant eastern suburbs, 347 Camberwell Road Melbourne stands as a pinnacle of urban living. This prime location does not just lend its residents a prestigious address, but it also places them at the epicenter of connectivity and lifestyle amenities that are second to none in Melbourne.

Access to Public Transport and Connectivity

Connectivity is a cornerstone of modern urban life, and residents of 347 Camberwell Road benefit from an unrivalled transport network. The development’s proximity to major tram routes offers a seamless transit experience across Melbourne, proving especially valuable for professionals and students alike. The tram network links to the Camberwell and Riversdale train stations, enabling quick and efficient travel throughout the greater Melbourne area.

Surrounding Educational Institutions and Recreational Spots

Education and recreation are integral components of the Camberwell lifestyle. Families with school-going children will appreciate the close vicinity to prestigious educational institutions, ensuring a short commute for students and peace of mind for parents. For leisure and relaxation, Camberwell Road Melbourne is enveloped by an array of recreational spots including parks, cinemas, and cafes, all of which contribute to a well-rounded community atmosphere. Residents can enjoy the perfect balance between bustling city life and serene escapes within moments of their doorsteps.

  • Easy access to Melbourne’s extensive tram and train system
  • Close proximity to top-tier schools and universities
  • Abundance of nearby green spaces and entertainment venues
  • Vibrant community hubs for dining and shopping

A Look Inside the Apartments: Features and Design Elements

Stepping into the living spaces of 347 Camberwell Road, one is immediately struck by the generous infusion of natural light, a direct result of the thoughtfully constructed tall windows. The contemporary aesthetic in these apartments at 347 Camberwell Rd is not just about style, but also about creating a practical space that effortlessly accommodates the flow of daily life.

The architectural philosophy at 347 Camberwell Road leans towards modernity, ensuring that interiors are not only visually appealing but are designed with functionality at their core. Open plan layouts are accentuated by seamless transitions between living and dining areas, bolstering the sense of space and cohesiveness throughout the apartment.

The selection of materials further highlights the blend of elegance and pragmatism, with quality timber floorboards offering both durability and a touch of warmth to the living areas. Below is a table showcasing the features and design elements found within these homes:




Natural Light

Tall windows in all rooms

Creates an airy and uplifting atmosphere


High-quality timber floorboards

Offers both durability and sophistication

Open Plan Layout

Seamless space from living to dining areas

Enhances the feeling of spaciousness

Occupants of 347 Camberwell Rd are thus presented with an immersive living experience, where beauty meets practical daily needs. It is within these walls that style and convenience coexist, setting a benchmark for modern residential design in Camberwell.

Market Activity: Property Listings and Recent Transactions

Keeping a close watch on the market activity at 347 Camberwell Road Australia offers prospective buyers and tenants a clear view of what to expect in terms of financial commitment. With the diversity of the property offerings, insight into recent trends provides invaluable information to assess the 347 Camberwell Road Camberwell landscape.

For Sale Listings and Expected Price Range

The recent flux in listings for 347 Camberwell Road encompasses a range of residential prospects, from cozy one-bedroom apartments to more expansive two-bedroom dwellings. The current market suggests a price bracket stretching from a modest $365,000 to an upper limit of around $635,000, catering to a spectrum of buyer budgets.

Apartment Type

Expected Price Range


$365,000 – $450,000


$550,000 – $635,000

Historical Rental Listings and Their Asking Prices

The versatility in rental options is equally present, reflected by a historical analysis of leasing contracts. A survey of previous listings reveals a competitive edge within the bustling Camberwell rental sector, with recent one-bedroom units being offered at $415 per week, signaling the area’s demand.

  • One-Bedroom Unit – Recent asking price: $415/week
  • Two-Bedroom Unit – Historical range: $550-$750/week

It’s clear from the 11 recent transactions that 347 Camberwell Road Camberwell not only stands out for its prime location but it also presents a rich tapestry of investment opportunities and living options, making it a sought-after address in Australia’s bustling property market.

The Building's Performance and Resident Insights

When examining 347 Camberwell Road Victoria, prospective buyers and current residents require a deep dive into the performance of the property to inform their real estate decisions. Key performance indicators such as median sales prices, comparative rental yields, and the assessment of any associated location risks, are vital components that encapsulate the essence of the property’s standing within the highly competitive Melbourne property market.

Median prices at 347 Camberwell Road serve as a beacon for understanding market value, reflecting both current trends and historical data. This information provides a robust framework from which the investment potential of the property can be gauged. By considering the median prices of similar properties within the vicinity, stakeholders can assess whether 347 Camberwell Road is aligned with their financial forecasts and long-term strategic goals.

347 Camberwell Road continues to attract discerning investors and residents who value its premium location and sophisticated offerings, perfectly aligned with Melbourne’s cosmopolitan ethos.

Rental yield, an equally telling indicator, offers insights into the returns a property might generate for those with vested interests. These insights into potential income streams are particularly indicative of the building’s desirability amongst renters and can prove to be a pivotal factor for investors.

Furthermore, location-based risks are scrutinized to ensure buyers are fully informed about any externalities that could impact their ownership experience. Risks such as market volatility, changes in local infrastructure, or economic shifts are all factors that contribute to the complex landscape of property investment. 347 Camberwell Road’s strategic position, surrounded by an abundance of amenities and transport links, is a vital strength that mitigates many common location risks.

  1. Median Sales Prices
  2. Comparative Rental Yields
  3. Location Risk Analysis

Through a meticulous analysis of the above-mentioned factors, those interested in 347 Camberwell Road have access to a detailed, data-driven picture that underpins the value and potential of this iconic Melbourne address.


At the core of Melbourne’s dynamic real estate landscape stands 347 Camberwell Road Melbourne, a testament to sophisticated urban living. This esteemed address captivates a broad audience, from eager investors to individuals seeking the serenity of a permanent home. Its allure is further magnified by the provision of cutting-edge amenities, a testament to the residents’ quality of life. The building’s robust community, fostered through its residential composition and facilities, underscores an idyllic neighbourhood environment within the bustling city.

The allure of Camberwell Road 347 Melbourne does not halt at lifestyle perks alone; it extends into the realm of prudent financial investment. With a history of promising capital growth rates and a competitive rental yield, the property stands as a beacon for potential return on investment. The building’s prime locale in Camberwell not only ensures sustained interest but also promises continuity in its significance within the Melbourne property market.

In essence, 347 Camberwell Road embodies a harmonious blend of liveability and investment appeal. It presents an opportune canvas for those who aspire to partake in Melbourne’s diverse rhythms, offering access to the city’s cultural tapestry while serving as a lucrative asset in a savvy investor’s portfolio. This distinguished building captures the very pulse of current and future residential and market trends, ensuring its lasting prominence in the eyes of discerning tenants and homeowners alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

The complex at 347 Camberwell Road features a mix of 156 residential units with 1 and 2 bedroom configurations.

Approximately 45% of the properties at 347 Camberwell Road are owner-occupied, while the remaining 55% are rented.

Residents have access to communal outdoor BBQ alfresco terraces, a lounge, a vegetable garden, and modern in-unit amenities like Miele appliances and white stone benchtops.

The building provides a prime location with access to tram stops, nearby train stations, Camberwell Junction, Rivoli Theatre, and an array of dining options, ideal for professionals.

Investors have been experiencing differing capital growth rates, with recent measures indicating a modest decline in annual growth for some apartments, yet some units have shown strong rental yields like the recent 6.96% yield.

The market at 347 Camberwell Road reflects a dynamic environment with transactions demonstrating price responsiveness to the current demands within Melbourne’s property landscape.

The demographic data indicates a close owner-occupier to renter ratio and a stable residential base, with average owner-occupancy tenure being over 6 years.

Prospective buyers have access to a variety of home loan options that accommodate different financial requirements, facilitating the purchasing process.

The location is highly convenient, with immediate tram service access and proximity to Camberwell and Riversdale train stations.

The apartments are designed for modern living, with features like tall windows for natural light, timber flooring, and seamless living to dining areas.

Properties for sale at 347 Camberwell Road are listed with an anticipated price range between $365,000 to $635,000, depending on apartment size and features.

How does rental demand at 347 Camberwell Road compare to other areas in Camberwell?

Performance metrics like median prices, rental yields, and location risks provide detailed insights and assist in informed decision-making for potential residents and investors.

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