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5 Bedroom House for Rent Camberwell

Looking for the perfect 5 bedroom or 3 bedroom house for rent in Camberwell, VIC can be quite a task. With approximately 126 homes available to rent just in this suburb, it’s clear that there are numerous options to explore.

Our helpful guide digs into details about available properties, rental prices and key amenities you ought to look out for when seeking your next home. Let’s make your property search easier and more fruitful with our professional; read on!

When looking for a 4-bedroom house in Camberwell, it is essential to consider the key features of the property, the location and its surroundings, as well as rental costs and terms. Additionally, pay attention to the details of the interior and exterior features, which may include communal or outdoor spaces that enhance the living experience. Lastly, be prepared to navigate the application process and inspection schedules to secure the perfect rental property.

Key Takeaways

  • Camberwell offers many 5+ bedroom houses for big families or shared living.
  • Plan your budget well as the cost of house rent went up by 11% last year in Camberwell.
  • The real estate agents in Camberwell are a big help. They know about rental properties and can guide you.
  • Houses here come with benefits like large rooms, multiple bathrooms and a yard. Some even have extra perks like more than five bedrooms!
  • The middle price to rent a house in Camberwell is $920 per week.
  • Doing good research can help find the perfect place to live in this area.

Finding a 5+ Bedroom House for Rent in Camberwell

Camberwell, VIC offers a selection of spacious 5+ bedroom houses for rent, perfect for larger families or shared living situations. Your property search might involve browsing through numerous rental listings on various real estate platforms to find the ideal house that fits your budget.

Working with a local Camberwell real estate agent could also be beneficial in guiding you towards affordable rental properties while considering the prevailing rental market trends within and around Camberwell suburbs.

Camberwell at a Glance

Camberwell, a town established in the 1880s, now a perfect blend of calm and elegance. It combines its rich history with the vibrant energy of Melbourne seamlessly.

These surrounding suburbs only 9km east of Melbourne’s bustling downtown, nestled within the City of Boroondara. It’s a place that attract eager buyers from near and far, a real hot spot in Melbourne’s real estate scene.

a cosmopolitan blend of homes, parks, coffee shops, eateries, and shops. It’s the kind of place that’s catching the eye of families, professionals, and couples alike, creating a real buzz in the community.

There’s never been a better time to sell your home in Camberwell. Speak to the Camberwell property experts if you are looking for rental properties in Camberwell.

Available properties in Camberwell

There are many 5+ bedroom houses waiting for you in Camberwell. Right now, you can find 17 of them ready for rent. There is a range of property types, including large homes and stylish townhouses. Look at real estate or property management listings to see all the options. For those needing more room, there are 12 rental properties in both Camberwell and nearby suburbs that have five or more bedrooms. Plenty of houses mean you sure will find one that fits your needs! If you want a quick view, check out for some great options in Camberwell, VIC 3124. With so many choices, it’s clear why Camberwell is a top spot for property investment. So start your search today and move into your dream home soon! You won’t regret it.

Budget considerations

Money matters when you look for a big house or flat rent in Camberwell. Last year, the cost of house rent went up by 11%. So, plan your budget well. The Council gives market rental rates that can help you.

Also, Budget 2021-22 has facts about renting a big house in Camberwell.

Rental costs can change due to demand and supply. At present, there are 17 houses with five or more rooms for rent here. Sometimes property prices go up if many people want to live in an area.

Watch out for renting trends and latest listings while planning your budget.

Real estate agents

Real estate agents in Camberwell are experts. They know a lot about rental properties. Haim Real Estate is one of camberwell’s agency for buying and selling homes or property management services. BigginScott ,a leading real estate agency also works as sales and property management services with professionalism.

An expert real estate agent has necessary expertise to help you locate the ideal 5+ bedroom house for rent in Camberwell. They are trustworthy and reliable. 

Features of 5+ Bedroom Houses for Rent in Camberwell

Camberwell’s 5+ bedroom houses offer a multitude of features from contemporary designs, spacious living areas and large gardens, to location convenience near schools, shops, and transport links.

With diverse rental prices catering different budgets, these properties present an ideal choice for families seeking space or individuals wanting shared accommodation. Local amenities can include off-street parking, en-suites in each room and modern kitchens equipped with latest appliances.

The range of property types span from traditional Victorian homes to modern townhouses that reflect the unique charm of Camberwell area.

Types of properties available

In Camberwell, many types and level of houses are for rent. The first type is duplexes. These homes have two units in one building. Next, we have free standing houses. These ones stand alone and often have a yard space. Thirdly, there are semi-detached houses. Here, two homes share a common wall. Terraces make the fourth type of house for rent. They join together in a row but each has its own front and back door. In the exclusive neighborhood, the terrace house exuded luxury, with each dwelling having its own front and back door, offering residents a premium living experience. Lastly, villas are also available. These homes offer luxury living delight with added features like pools or large gardens.

Rental prices

Rental prices for 5+ bedroom houses in Camberwell vary greatly, depending on the location, the specific features of the house and the current market conditions. Given the median house rent in Camberwell, which stands at $920 per week, prospective tenants should be prepared for a fairly high rental cost. Here’s an overview of the rental prices in these eastern suburbs:

Number of Bedrooms

Median Rent (per week)











These figures are indicative of the median rent prices, and the actual cost may be higher or lower, depending on the specific property. It’s advisable to consider these figures as a guide to help in budgeting and planning.

Amenities and features

Living in a 5+ bedroom house for rent in Camberwell offers many benefits. Below is a list of amenities and features you might find:

  • Large, spacious rooms: This is great for big families or those who like lots of space.

  • Multiple bathrooms: No need to wait for others to finish in the bathroom.

  • A big kitchen: Cooking meals is easier when you have a lot of counter space.

  • A garden or yard: This is good if you have pets or children who love playing outside. It’s also great for hosting parties.

  • A garage: Your car will be safe and secure here.

  • A neighbourhood with lots of shops and schools nearby also has a cafe, restaurant, Sunday market, and other convenient facilities.

  • Easy access to public transport.

Tips for Finding the Perfect 5+ Bedroom House for Rent in Camberwell

Discover insightful tips to help streamline your search for the perfect 5+ bedroom house for rent in Camberwell, from setting a realistic budget to partnering with seasoned real estate agents.

Continue reading for more valuable pointers guaranteed to make your property search easier and much more fruitful.

Determine your needs and budget

Know what you need from a house. Think hard about the room number, area size and other things you want. After that, decide on your budget. Knowing how much money you can spend each week is crucial.

The middle rent price for houses in Camberwell is $920 per week. Don’t forget, rental rates here have gone up by 11% of latest properties over the last year. So, plan your funds well to find the perfect 5+ bedroom house that matches both your needs and budget.

Conduct thorough research

To find the perfect 5+ bedroom house for rent in Camberwell, you need to conduct thorough research.

  1. Start by using online platforms such as Domain and Nuroa.

  2. On Domain, you can use detailed filters to find your dream home.

  3. Nuroa lists 41 houses for rent in Camberwell.

  4. Look at all available properties in Camberwell.

  5. The median rent for houses here is $600 per week.

  6. Know your budget before starting your search. A great price for houses is achievable.

  7. Use housing options and property filters to narrow down your search.

  8. Check out rental listings regularly and remain trendy.

  9. Pay attention to the details of the listed properties for buy or sell or rent.

  10. If you are a student, consider 5 – bedroom houses as it is a popular choice for independent living.

Work with a local real estate agent

Choosing a local real estate agent is wise. They know Camberwell well. Please contact them because Their experience can be used to find a house that suits you best. Hockingstuart and Woodards are two top agencies in the local area.

These agents offer personalized property approaches with their home sales services. Their expert advice help you achieve your requirements. Working with a local agent saves time and effort, making your search easier.

In Camberwell, you can find great rental houses with five or more bedrooms. They have lots of space and fit different budgets. Your dream home is waiting for you in this amazing place!


The 5 bedroom house for rent in Camberwell can be found near local shops, parks, and schools.

The cost of renting the 5 bedroom house in Camberwell changes based on market rates, so it’s good to reach out to the house rent Camberwell property manager for current prices.

Yes, the 5 bedroom house comes with a garage big enough to park two cars.

It depends on the owner’s pet policy – some accept pets while others do not.

Mostly, lease terms are one year but it might change depending on what both parties agree upon.

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