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3 Bedroom House For Rent Camberwell

Searching for a 3 bedroom house to rent in Camberwell may be overwhelming with its vast housing market. Did you know that the median house rent in Camberwell is currently at $920 per week? This blog intends to guide you through this process, sharing valuable insights and tips on securing your ideal home.

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Many of the 2 bedroom houses for rent in Camberwell are located in quiet, residential streets, making them ideal for families or professionals who value peace and quiet. However, there are also plenty of properties located close to the bustling Burke Road shopping strip, which is home to a variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants. Whether you’re after a modern apartment or a charming period home, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs in Camberwell.

Key Takeaways

  • You can find a 3 – bedroom house to rent in Camberwell. The median weekly rent is $760.
  • There are lots of homes for rent in Camberwell. Real estate agents can help you find the right one.
  • Think about things like parking and yard space when looking at houses. You can find this info online or from an agent.
  • Online websites list many rental homes. It is also good to chat with locals and real estate agents in Camberwell for more tips on finding a great home.

The Rental Market in Camberwell

Camberwell’s rental market presents a diverse range of options, with median rents for 3-bedroom houses falling within an affordable bracket. The area boasts numerous rental properties across its popular suburbs, readily available through various real estate agents.

Median rent for 3 bedroom houses in Camberwell

The median rent for a 3-bedroom house in Camberwell, Victoria, is currently pegged at $760 per week. This pricing is a result of a 12% increase in the median rent over the past year for units in this location. To give you a clear view, here is a breakdown of the data in the table below:

Property Type

3-bedroom house


1-bedroom flat

Median Rent per week


12% increase over the past year


Keep in mind, the Rent Index in Camberwell increased for all property types in the March quarter of 2022. Additionally, the median price trend for 3-bedroom houses in Camberwell has shown a growth of 5.2% in the past 12 months.

Available rental properties

Camberwell, VIC 3124 is home to many rental properties. There are a total of 294 places for rent. Here is a list of homes you can check out.

  1. Among the 294 available houses, you’ll find 38 three-bedroom places.
  2. Last month, Camberwell saw an offer of 114 homes ready for rent.
  3. You can also find some beautiful four- and five-bedroom homes.
  4. Most houses have a large yard space or garden area.
  5. Some homes come with car parks or garages.
  6. You can also find units, townhouses and apartments up for rent in Camberwell.
  7. Many rentals are close to shops, schools and parks.

Camberwell at a Glance

Camberwell, a town established in the 1880s, now a perfect blend of calm and elegance. It combines its rich history with the vibrant energy of Melbourne seamlessly.

These surrounding suburbs only 9km east of Melbourne’s bustling downtown, nestled within the City of Boroondara. It’s a place that attract eager buyers from near and far, a real hot spot in Melbourne’s real estate scene.

Popular suburbs

Camberwell leads the pack as a top spot for renters. Its close ties to Melbourne make it hot property. But there are other gems nearby too. Dromana, Surrey Hills, Canterbury and Glen Iris add flavour to this rental market mix.

They boast a range of houses and apartments that attract many renters each year. You can enjoy city perks without losing the charm of living in suburbs like these. All offer great facilities and amenities in their own unique way.

Real estate agents in Camberwell

In Camberwell, real estate agents play a key role in the rental market. Their deep grasp of local market dynamics makes them helpful guides for those looking to rent. These professional service providers can help match renters with available 3 bedroom houses that suit their preferences and budgets.

With up-to-date property listings in Camberwell, they can provide quick access to the best options around town. They are always ready to respond to any questions about renting trends, housing options, or anything else tied up with securing ideal homes for their clients.

Overall, 2 bedroom houses for rent in Camberwell offer a comfortable and convenient living experience in a sought-after suburb. With plenty of options available, you’re sure to find a property that suits your needs and budget.

What to Look for in a 3 Bedroom House for Rent

Consider factors such as the type of property, availability, parking facilities and the size of the land when seeking a 3 bedroom house for rent in Camberwell. Continue to read more for further detailed insights on these aspects.

Property types and availability

In Camberwell, you have a variety of 3-bedroom property types to choose from. Availability fluctuates but there is currently quite a selection on the market.

The lease length can vary depending on the landlord’s preference, but most leases are for 12 months. It’s important to clarify the lease length before signing any agreements, as breaking a lease can result in penalties or legal action.

Property Type


3-bedroom houses

Currently, 15 houses are available for rent in Camberwell, VIC, 3124 according to Domain. Real estate listings indicate a total of 214 properties in this category.

3-bedroom houses

Currently, 15 houses are available for rent in Camberwell, VIC, 3124 according to Domain. Real estate listings indicate a total of 214 properties in this category.

3-bedroom properties in Camberwell East

There are 21 houses for rent in Camberwell East, VIC, 3126, including 3-bedroom houses.

Total 3-bedroom properties in Camberwell

There are 208 3-bedroom properties available for rent in Camberwell, VIC, 3124 in total.

Bear in mind that the numbers might change due to the active rental market. Always check with reputable real estate agents or rental listing websites for the most current information.

Parking options

Check the land size before you rent a 3 bedroom house. A large yard gives kids and pets lots of room to play. Look at the floor plan too. Make sure it fits your family’s needs.

The property layout should be easy to get around in. Also, pay attention to outdoor areas like gardens or patios. They can be great for fun times with family and friends!

Size of land and features

Delve into our handpicked selection of the best 3 bedroom rental properties in Camberwell, each boasting unique features and set at competitive prices. Explore these desirable homes that couple luxury with affordability while offering a host of amenities.

Top 3 Bedroom Rental Properties in Camberwell

Delve into our handpicked selection of the best 3 bedroom rental properties in Camberwell, each boasting unique features and set at competitive prices. Explore these desirable homes that couple luxury with affordability while offering a host of amenities.

List of 3 bedroom properties with their rental prices and features

Below are some of the three-bedroom rental properties available in Camberwell, along with their rental prices and features:

Property Address

Rental Price


6 Pine Avenue, Camberwell VIC 3124

Contact agent for price

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

Address 2…

Price 2…

Features 2…

Address 3…

Price 3…

Features 3…

While this table provides just a few examples, there is a total of 208 three-bedroom properties available for rent in Camberwell, according to Homely and Domain. View our listings and you find each of these properties offers a unique blend of features and prices, which cater to a variety of renters. Remember, finding the right rental property involves careful consideration of factors such as location, price and property features.

Finding a 3 Bedroom Rental Property in Camberwell

From understanding the dynamics of Camberwell’s rental market to contacting and communicating with real estate agents effectively, we guide you through streamlined ways of securing your ideal 3 bedroom house for rent in Camberwell – explore more!

Tips and resources for finding a rental in Camberwell

Looking for a house to rent in Camberwell can seem hard. Use these tips and resources to make it easier:

  1. Check out Homely. They have 38 three – bedroom rental homes in Camberwell, VIC 3124. Domain has 27 houses for rent.
  2. Look at Domain too. You’ll find 294 rental houses in Camberwell and the areas around it.
  3. Browse through 208 three – bedroom properties for rent on other sites.
  4. Listen out for talks in the community about renting in Camberwell.
  5. Get help from real estate agents who know the area well.
  6. Keep an eye on new listings posted online every day.

Commonly discussed topics in the community

In Camberwell, people talk a lot about finding 3 bedroom rental properties. They share tips and facts on local forums. Many people want to know the best ways to find a good house. Others are keen to learn about rental prices and property availability.

Some folks have questions about tenancy agreements and landlord responsibilities too. There are also chats around rental demand and the changing housing market in Australia. Being part of these talks can help one get a better feel for renting in this area.

Contacting real estate agents and using rental listing websites

You can get a 3 bedroom house for rent in Camberwell. Here’s how to do it.

  • Open rental listing websites. These have many houses you can see in latest listings.
  • Look at the details of each house. Check the cost and what is near to it.
  • If you like a house, note down its details. Look at when you can move in and if there are other costs.
  • You should also talk to real estate agents in Camberwell. They know about all the houses for rent.
  • The agents can tell you about more houses that suits your needs. They will ask about things like how long you want to rent for, or if you need parking space.
  • You may find out about new houses faster with an agent than on a website.


Hunting for a three-bedroom house in Camberwell, VIC is exciting. With many options and rental sites to help, you’ll find the perfect home! So go ahead, dive into Camberwell’s rental market today.

The perfect house awaits!



The house is located in a peaceful neighborhood of Camberwell, details can be provided during inquiry.

The house has three spacious bedrooms that are well lit and ventilated.

also include additional features such as a garage, backyard, air conditioning, and laundry facilities.

No, the 3 bedroom house for rent in Camberwell comes unfurnished which gives you freedom to style it as per your taste.

property manager before bringing any pets as there may be restrictions or additional fees.

This would depend on the specific rental agreement so always consult with landlord or letting agent first. School, Camberwell High School, and Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College. Some of the nearby parks include Frog Hollow Reserve, Ashburton Park, and Wattle Park.

Rent varies from property to property but you can get detailed quote during discussion with real estate agent.

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